Mint 15 spell check for UK English in LibreOffice

Having just installed Linux Mint 15 and firing up LibreOffice Writer I noticed that my spelling mistakes were not being highlighted. I found that if I had the language set up for English (US) it would work but switching back to English (UK) meant errors were not picked up.

libre-office-spelling-0 libre-office-spelling-1

Looking in Tools – Options – Language settings – Languages I noticed User interface was set to English (USA) with no option to change it to English (UK).


I thought I’d check out the system languages: System Settings – Languages

System settings language selected

I got a pop up: The language support is not installed completely, so installed the missing packages.

Pop up of The language support is not installed completely.

After updating I restarted LibreOffice and the spell checker worked correctly with English (UK).

English (UK) spelling now working correctly in LibreOffice writer