Check file hash with PowerShell version 4 & 5

Note: Tested using PowerShell Version 4 A quick way to check the hash of a file is to use PowerShell’s Get-FileHash Cmdlet along with the Compare-Object Cmdlet. You may want to check the file you’ve downloaded from the Internet hasn’t been changed and websites sometimes have the file hashes to verify this. In the code below, copy […]

Installing Dig on Windows 8.1

This post will show you how to install Dig (Domain Information Groper) on Windows 8.1. Dig is a DNS (Domain Name System) command that gives you lots more information than NSlookup, but is not installed on Windows by default. Download from Under the BIND heading, click the download button of the “Current-stable” release.   Select […]

PowerShell Remoting WinRM

When trying to enter a PowerShell session on a remote PC

you receive the following error: Go to the client computer and check to see if the WinRM service is running.

We need to start the WinRM service, run:

After that has completed, check the service is running by:

Now we […]

Installing Backtrack Linux in Virtual Box on Linux Mint 15

I’ve been studying an on-line  course which requires reverse engineering of some Malware. A virtual environment is ideal for this situation. A new operating system can be created separate from the main operating system, messed around with and then put back exactly as a fresh install relatively easily. Here is a small guide on  installing […]