Create a Simple Azure Web App with PowerShell

Hello, this post will show you the steps to create a free, very simple web app in the Microsoft Azure platform using PowerShell. You will need an existing subscription or sign up for a new one to follow this post. The app service plan selected is the free tier so you will not be charged / count […]

Azure Active Directory Connect Unable to connect to the Synchronization Service

Error message when trying to run Azure Active Directory Connect = Unable to connect to the Synchronization Service. Some possible reasons are: 1) The service is not started. 2) Your account is not a member of a required security group. See the Synchronization documentation for details. Check Service First check the service is running. Use services.msc […]

Azure backup server, SMTP with anonymous authentication

While configuring an Azure backup server, I was trying to set the SMTP settings with anonymous authentication to email notifications, but kept getting the following error: ID: 2013 Details: The user name or password is incorrect Quick Fix Create a local user (with stupidly long and complex password). Add the user to the Adminstrators group. […]

Azure PowerShell login and create resource group

I’ve been doing lots of work with Azure recently (especially using PowerShell) so thought I’d dump some of the stuff I’ve learnt along the way here… it’s been a while. This small guide will show you how to login to Azure using PowerShell, view and select your subscriptions and then create a Resource Group that […]